We are Myonic.

Creating enabling technology for users with paralysis.
We give users back the ability to control their own muscles with our wearable device.

Nick Titus

Chief Executive Officer
As CEO, Nick Titus ensures that the short term and long term objectives of Myonic fit the company vision. In addition, Nick leads the team in product development and handles all business affairs.

Sam Everett

Chief Financial Officer
As CFO, Sam Everett manages all financial tasks of Myonic. In addition to the numbers, Sam is also in charge of Myonic's marketing efforts, as well as product design.

Nate Petersen

Chief Technical Officer
As CTO, Nate Petersen develops the user interface and hardware components at Myonic. Nate ensures the users experience is of the highest standard through all stages of their interaction with the product.

Ben Saltz

Chief Innovation Officer
As CIO, Ben Saltz creates and manages Branding for Myonic. In addition Ben manages the web interface for our product Users. His role entails managing all creative production.

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