We are Myonic

Creating enabling technology for users with paralysis.
We give users back the ability to control their own muscles with our wearable device.


Using an Emotiv Epoc+ brain control interface (BCI), our device is able to grant muscle contractions with minimal use of physical motion or assistance. Emotiv's EEG technology is non-invasive and safe to use for extended periods of time. The device can be controlled with nothing more then the user’s thoughts and simple head motions.


A user can train our device to read their thoughts with the BCI in under 15 minutes. The device will provide clear setup instructions through a built-in screen. Once done, our device handles the interpretation of the user’s thoughts and transfers that into physical motion, assisted by sensor feedback from our sleeve for increased accuracy. The device outputs a safe electrical impulse to contract muscles which is based off of already widely used and tested TENS technology.


Our device attaches to a elastic sleeve which contains embedded electrodes and sensors. This configuration of our sleeve allows movement of the thumb, four fingers, and elbow to assist in performing basic everyday tasks. The elastic sleeve is made to be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and the device can be disconnected from the sleeve for training and charging.