From humble beginnings

Myonic is a medical technology startup from Boulder, Colorado. The Myonic Move device technology originally started as a high school science project by Nick Titus. After receiving third place, he decided that he wanted to change direction. He saw the technology’s potential to help people and wanted a way to make it publicly accessible. He decided to start Myonic Technologies. Within a few weeks he applied to the Boomtown Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. Myonic Technologies was accepted to the summer program and became the youngest group to attend the accelerator at age 17.

Nick brought long-time friends Nate Petersen, Sam Everett, and Ben Saltz on as co-founders. Nate Petersen because he had years of experience of IT and computational technology and science, Sam Everett because of his business and finance knowledge, and Ben Saltz because of his experience in graphic design and product design.

All four attended Centaurus High School in Lafayette, Colorado and had taken multiple courses from its engineering program. Nick developed the technology through the Design Technology course and utilized the resources provided through the engineering lab at the school to create the first rough prototype of the Move.

Myonic is currently developing the Move technology into a manufacturable product. The Move will be affordable and available to general consumers instead of being distributed by insurance. Check out our social media and don’t hesitate to send us a message!

Our Team

Nick Titus

Co-founder and Visionary

Nick Titus ensures that the short term and long term objectives of Myonic fit the company vision. In addition, Nick leads the team in product development and handles business affairs.

Sam Everett

Co-founder and Finance Expert

Sam Everett manages all financial tasks of Myonic. In addition to the numbers, Sam is also in charge of Myonic's marketing efforts, as well as product design.

Nate Petersen

Co-founder and Technical Guru

Nate Petersen develops the software and hardware components at Myonic. Nate has many years of experience in IT and computer science and plays a key role in creating a functional and safe product.

Ben Saltz

Co-founder and Designer

Ben is the lead designer at Myonic. Along with the look and feel of the company, he is key in the design and manufacturing of the product. Above all, he makes sure the product is intuitive to set up and use.