Myonic in the Daily Camera

Boomtown's first teen team created wearable device to offset effects of paralysis

The Myonic Team was featured in the Daily Camera on August 12, 2016. Shay Castle interview Ben Saltz, Sam Everett, and Nick Titus. She reported on the story of how everything has come together for the team and their plans moving forward.

Most third-place science fair projects don't go anywhere but the garbage can.
But not Nick Titus' third-place science fair project. Nick, now 16, took his white-ribbon idea and kept going.
Now the soon-to-be Centaurus High School senior is a CEO of a startup company, Myonic, about to debut at the seminal event for local accelerator Boomtown
"I just Googled, 'What do you do when you start a startup?'" the executive and inventor said. "I accidentally applied to Boomtown (through another website) — I didn't even fill it out all the way — and then I got a call" from Tom Base, managing director of Boomtown's HealthTech....Continue Reading