TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2017

The Myonic team was represented at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC by Nick Titus and Sam Everett in New York City this month. They had the opportunity to connect with Entrepreneurs from all over the world on the first day. The companies ranged from those developing exciting new ways to rapidly prototype to a company co-founded by Pharrell to create a better concert experience.

This event draws not only startups but industry partners and VCs who are all wanting to see the newest and most innovative tech. On the second day, Nick and Sam displayed the latest prototype in the well-known Startup Alley. Along with dozens of other hardware companies, they demoed the device to patrons by connecting the electrodes to the arm of any volunteer and then using the EEG headset to allow another's thoughts to move the hand of the volunteer. This display received a great reaction from the crowd and raised a lot of Black Mirror esque questions.

Throughout the day the attendees had the ability to vote for their favorite startups and when it was all tallied up, Myonic received the honor of being named the Top Hardware Startup of the Event.