Our Technology

Myonic Technologies Inc. has designed the patent pending Myonic Move, a device that allows users who suffer from full or partial paralysis to regain control of their muscles. Our device uses electro-muscular stimulation to cause contractions in the individuals muscle groups. To do so, the Myonic Move uses non-invasive electrodes that can be easily stuck to the skin.

The Myonic Move can be controlled through multiple input systems. The device can be programmed to respond to the users voice commands, allowing the user to say "close" for example, closing the users hand. If the user is unable to use their voice, they can opt to use a brain control headset. This configuration allows the user to train specific thoughts to trigger certain muscle contractions. Using the brain control headset, a user can move their hand and arm just by thinking a specific thought.

We are currently refining this technology further to bring it to a fully manufacturable point. If you are interested in testing the device with a friend or loved one who lives with paralysis please reach out at contact@myonic.tech.