Thiel Summit

Nick Titus, the CEO of Myonic Technologies Inc, was invited to the Spring 2017 Thiel Summit. This event is meant to bring together the final contenders for receiving a $100,000 grant. The Thiel Fellowship gives these funds to young people who want to build new things instead of sitting in a classroom. The weekend included a series of interviews, pitch events, and networking time. Nick had the opportunity to meet and talk with students/dropouts from Ivy League schools all around the country who were all actively working on their own ventures. The weekend also gave attendees the opportunity to be exposed to the silicon valley startup ecosystem. Nick made valuable connections to continue to fuel the progress of Myonic Technologies. He learned from the failures and successes of his fellow young entrepreneurs and the Thiel Foundation team. When all was decided Myonic was not awarded the grant. However, it is common for individuals to attend the summit multiple years and Nick will be applying again for the 2018 cohort.