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Unnatural Vegan, a popular vegan vlogger who promotes a rational vegan community, has called Freelee delusional . Freelee e Banana Girl, aka Leanne Ratcliffe, whose adopted name. Controversial vegan advocate known as 'Freelee e Banana Girl' has shared a rare photograph of herself at e age of 20 before she switched to a raw plant-based diet. Freelee e Banana Girl reacts to YouTubers who are following fad diets and making excuses why ey can't be vegan. It's ere is no reason to still be eating animals. Freelee calls out lazy YouTubers and reviews eir eating habits which is usually a Low Carb Diet at is calorie-restricted. 293.9k Followers, 5 Following, 1,747 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Vegan Frugivore (@freelee ebananagirl)1.8K posts. For close to years, Leanne Ratcliffe - aka Freelee e Banana Girl - has been known for her passionate and often controversial videos about veganism. Now, she has changed her message. Freelee e Banana Girl is e most popular Australian Heal Youtuber reaching millions of people every mon. Au or of My Naked Lunchbox, Raw Till 4 . Fuck freelee e banana girl. Rant / Rave. Go watch e Unnatural Vegan's videos, she used to be a raw vegan but now calls it a cult and debunks it. level. 7 points. 6 hours ago. fuck any vegan girl at eats 3000 calories a day. dumb. level 2. 24 points. 5 hours ago. Freelee e Banana Girl touts e reputed benefits of her lifestyle on her YouTube channel. According to e Daily Mail: Having suffered from bo anorexia and bulimia in e past, Freelee claims at adopting her low fat, high carbohydrate, raw, vegan diet saw her shed 40 pounds as well as clearing up her acne, chronic fatigue syndrome. 21,  · Australian vegan blogger Freelee e Banana Girl has shared an eye-opening photo of her body at 24 years old on a meat-heavy diet compared to today after celebrating her 40 bir day. 06,  · Freelee e Banana Girl - real name Leanne Ratcliffe - follows a vegan lifestyle She has been vegan for almost 14 years and follows e 'raw until 4' principles In . 06,  · An Australian vegan famous for roasting o er people's eating habits has baffled her followers after sharing a typical day of raw food eating. Freelee e Banana Girl. 07,  · Wi out referring to her by name, Alyse (Raw Alignment) addressed e accusations made by Freelee e Banana Girl recently on her channel. e washed up vegan ot Freelee called Alyse a liar, a scam artist, and also said at Alyse is a piece of shit. Obviously e vegan hatemongering has gotten to e now ex vegan YouTuber. 19,  · Learn more about Freelee e Banana Girl here. Freelee is a 13 year high fruit vegan who overcame serious heal issues and lost 40lbs following a Raw Till 4 lifestyle. For a truly heal y transformational lifestyle check out her Raw Till 4 Weight Loss bundle. Follow Freelee. 11,  · If you’re vegan and on youtube frequently- hell even if you’re not vegan and on youtube once a mon, you probably know of Freelee e Banana Girl. Freelee has a massive channel at’s growing more massive by e day. She focuses on e heal side of being vegan using her impressive physicality as proof. In many ways, Freelee and I are incredibly different. 06,  · An Australian vegan famous for roasting o er people’s eating habits has baffled her followers after sharing a typical day of raw food eating . Freelee e Banana Girl, real name Leanne Au or: Hannah Paine. 23, - Photos of e incredibly in freelee e bannana girl! ning: Not made to shame o ers but made to inspire o ers!. See more ideas about Fruitarian, Low fat vegan, Bannana.68 pins. 03,  · Freelee e Banana Girl AKA Leanne Ratcliffe (Unnatural Vegan.) 4. Share is post. Link to post. galactickat Débutant. Posted 1 . e main issue I have wi Freelee is how she always bashes and sicks her followers onto o er YouTubers just for eating/showing a recipe wi animal products in it. Like her most recent victim. Former crazy raw foodist turned pro-vaccine, pro-normal diet vegan. My goal is to find a way to live on coffee and soy alone. I am not a dietitian, so please. 14,  · My oughts on Durianrider's recent accusations against Eisel Mazard (à-bas-le-ciel), as well as o er similar behavior from bo he and Freelee. *Time Codes* 0:00 - What's going on? 1:05 - . is made complete sense to me. Later on, Freelee told me at e end of one of her o er YouTube videos to watch a documentary called Ear lings. I did... and it turned me vegan. After adopting a high-carb, low-fat raw till 4 vegan lifestyle, I can honestly say I feel e best I've ever felt in my whole life, bo mentally and physically.Reviews: 29. Apr 04,  · Unnatural vegan actually has called out e Banana Girl on her unheal y diet statements, and ere is plenty of evidence, at is diet is not effective. Plus I hate how ey keep pushing e weight loss ing, like it's what matters in veganism. 16,  · Freelee e Banana Girl, a well-known vegan blogger, posted on her YouTube channel years ago at she stopped getting her period for nine mon s after following a raw, vegan . 13,  · But one Youtuber has made a career out of stirring e pot and by literally naming and shaming o ers to her audience. Leanne Ratcliffe, better known as Freelee e Banana Girl is a Youtuber from Australia whose channel ‘promotes’ a fully raw vegan lifestyle. ere is no denying e 40-year-old social media star looks good! 18,  · Occasionally I still watch Unnatural Vegan for her video responses On e subject of raw vegan, has anyone seen Freelee e Banana girl? A nasty piece of work and totally crazy. Reactions: FraggleRock, ever_autumn, Moloko and 1 o er person. Mjaumjau Well-known member. . 30,  · Vegan vlogger FreeLee e Banana Girl, from Australia, made headlines in e past for scarfing down 51 blended bananas and surviving on a low-fat, high-carbohydrate vegan diet. Apr 12, - Explore Amanda Brownderville's board Freelee e Banana Girl, followed by 480 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Low fat vegan, High carb low fat vegan, Raw vegan diet. 29,  · I am already buying popcorn and nutritional yeast for Unnatural Vegan's response to Freelee's ur fat because balanced diet! tantrum. Possibly repeating myself and definitely echoing many o ers, but Freelee and all e o er or orexic basket cases . 26,  · Honestly, nobody really knows. ere are a few possibilities.. ey really have broken up or are in e process of doing so. 2. ey're not broken up at all, but know ey've be. And so, in 2007 YouTube sensation Freelee e Banana Girl was born – scrawny, blonde wi a body you could bounce bullets off and an attitude to match. Let’s say first of all at as a spectacle, Leanne has quite a lot going for her. a point dismantled by e excellent Unnatural Vegan below. It's like Raw Till 4 is a terrible eating. 27,  · Freelee e Banana Girl AKA Leanne Ratcliffe I do watch Unnatural Vegan's videos and ere's been so much instances where she's rown Swayze's way at she must be actually sneaking non-vegan products and all of at jazz because her crazy diet didn't work for her and at's just toxic to any community. 23,  · Never heard of e ginger girl but she looks like she has an eating disorder. Not heal y at all, her hair and face are dead giveaways. Freelee is one crazy bish and looks old to me, her man looks like he is on drugs. You can't tell me eating no ing but fruit is heal y. ey are bo frauds! Even people in e vegan community don't like 'em. Freelee started her channel to keep a record of her progress and to spread aeness about her diet techniques to help revive o er lives. She has been following a strictly vegan diet since 2006 and has shed over 20 kilos weight. She shows off her toned body . 22,  · Sometimes I wonder if PETA, HSUS, Freelee e Banana Girl, Durianrider, Vegan GMO, and e Unnatural Vegan are paid by e meat industry to make veganism look like a haven of crazy, hateful extremists. I am coming out of e vegan closet to . ashley hampton bite size vegan bonny rebecca cheap lazy vegan easy to be raw freelee e banana girl fully raw kristina gary yurofsky happy heal y vegan henya mania hot for food joe vegan jon venus mango island mamma megan elizabe mr & mrs vegan raw in college stella rae sweet potato soul e sweetest vegan e vegan activist eVeganPrince. Freelee reacts to meaty Osteopa Mikhail Varshavski aka Dr Mike. Dr Mike clearly follows a low-life low-carb diet because he is trying hard to hold onto his fading 6-pack. He binges out weekly due to his love of intermittent fasting/starvation and ongoing carb . 22,  · A sinister YouTube star is almost definitely lying to you about moving to e Sou American gle to live an Instagram-friendly off-grid lifestyle. Freelee (formerly Freelee e Banana Girl, real name Leanne Ratcliffe) is an Australian YouTuber wi a huge following of fans eager to watch her videos about going vegan. Freelee e Banana girl: e Dangers of Promoting a High Calorie, All Sugar Diet. LittleSally. Editor. Follow. If you're interested in some sane, rational vegan youtubers i'd highly recommend Unnatural Vegan. I love her content because it is so informative and straightford, wi out coming off as condescending. She's great, even as a non. Apr 28,  · And as bad as he is, Vegan Gains is worse. As a vegan, I feel disgusted and upset at is is e face of veganism at e world gets to see. Misogynistic, racist, ignorant, completely lacking in compassion for human suffering, science denying, ignorant nonsense. ey also promote e idea at anyone who is not Freelee- in is overweight. Originally, Unnatural posted a video in response to YouTuber Freelee e Banana Girl’s laration at she is childfree, in which she called her self-absorbed for not wanting kids. In her most recent video, Unnatural Vegan posits at people wi high IQs SHOULD be having kids, because e world needs more vegan babies. . Freelee e banana girl reviews Dietitian Abbey Sharp's review on Ellen Fisher's vegan babies diet. Freelee compares micronutrient, vitamin and mineral status of Abbey Sharp's baby to Ellen Fisher's unnatural vegan fruit-based baby diet. Here is Dietitian Abbey Sharp's original video from YouTube channel Abbey's Kitchen: Dietitian reviews Ellen Fisher – her baby's Vegan diet: Ellen. ive spent e last 13 years following a (high fruit rawtill4) vegan lifestyle 🍌 🍉 🥑 🍍 🍠 🥜. im 40 is year.NO caffeine. NO excessive exercise. NO pills or medication. NO calorie restriction. 👎🏻.. some physical results 👉🏼 my hair is softer, silkier and heal ier an ever. i no longer have acne. lost 40lbs. no more $250 visits to gastroenterologist for my IBS.

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