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e University of Sydney welcomes clinical research partnerships wi industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and device development. If you are interested in undertaking a clinical trial which is conducted at, or sponsored by e University, contact e Clinical Trial Risk & Governance Manager on +61 2 8627 0596 or email clinical. 25 Feb 11 . 25 . 17 01 Apr . 31 15 Apr . 21 Apr 06 . 05 20 . 19 03 . 02 17 . 16 01 . HREC at a subsequent meeting. 8. Meetings 8.1. Each University HREC Committee is expected to meet approximately 12 times per year at mon ly intervals, or as required. 8.2. Meeting dates and agenda closing dates will be published in a timely manner on e University Human E ics website. 8.3. 29,  · Submission date (always a Wednesday) Meeting date . 29 uary : 12 February : 26 February : 11 ch : 25 ch : 8 April : 29 April : 13 : 27 : e : 24 e : 8 y : 29 y : 12 ust : 26 ust : 9 : 30 : 14 ober : 28 ober : 11 ember : 25 . Meeting No: Agenda Items Due to E ics Office by 12.00 Midday Meeting Date: FM 1/20: Friday 7 February: Wednesday 19 February. FM 2/20. Friday 20 ch: Wednesday 1 April: FM 3/20. Friday 17 April. Wednesday 29 April: FM 4/20. Friday 8 : Wednesday 20 : FM 5/20. Friday 29 . Wednesday e. FM 6/20. Friday 19 e. Wednesday 1 y: FM 7/20. Friday 31 y. . UNSW Sydney NSW 2052 Australia Telephone +61 2 9385 00 Au orised by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) UNSW CRICOS Provider Code: 00098G ABN: 57 195 873 179. New application submission closing dates Wednesday 4pm Qualitative E ics Sub-Committee meeting dates Aboriginal E ics Sub-Committee meeting dates Human Research E ics Committee meeting dates. 22 uary: 5 February: 6 February: 12 February: 26 February: 11 ch: 12 ch: 18 ch: 1 April: 15 April: 16 April: 22 April: 6 : 20 : 21 : 27 : 3 e: 17 e: 18 e: 24 e: . Projects for e ical review Calendar submission and meeting dates. Researchers are advised to consult e Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre E ics Committee Secretariat website prior to submission: for New projects see Submitting a New Project: E ical Review. for Amendments see: Project Amendments.. Projects for governance only review. H meeting dates and venues (pdf, 241 KB) Meeting dates (doc, 170 KB) Meeting dates (pdf, 1 MB) Meeting dates (docx, 3 KB) Meeting dates (docx, 95 KB) H Meeting Dates and Venue - (docx, 99 KB) H Meeting Dates and Venue - v7 (docx, 2 KB) H Meeting Dates and Venue - (docx. is REC Directory page provides a list of meeting dates for Research E ics Committees (RECs) wi in e UK Heal Departments’ Research E ics Service. Please note some of our RECs have merged, closed or changed names. HREC Meeting. 27 y: 5 ust: 13 ust: 27 ust: 24 ust: 2 : : 24 : 21 : 30 : 8 ober: 22 ober: 26 ober: 4 ember: 12 ember: 26 ember: 16 ember: 25 ember: 3 ember: 17 ember. Meetings for e Full HREC for – please . Meetings for e Full HREC for - please . Meetings of e HREC Executive Committee – Please note at meetings of e HREC Executive are held at least every two weeks and are subject to change at late notice. Submissions are reviewed in e order in which ey are received. Submission Closing Date DTS Meeting Date HREC Meeting Date. 15 uary 2021 .00am) 25 uary 2021: 01 February 2021: 12 February 2021 .00am) 22 February 2021: 01 ch 2021: 12 ch 2021 .00am) 22 ch 2021: 29 ch 2021: 09 April 2021 .00am) 19 April 2021: 26 April 2021: 07 2021 .00am) 17 2021: 24 2021: 11 e 2021 .00am) 21 e 2021. 22,  · Out of Session HREC Meeting Dates. Following e Chief Executive’s announcement regarding COVID-19 research-related matters, e SLHD HRECs will begin holding weekly out-of-session HREC meetings to consider requests, amendments and new (greater an low-risk) e ics applications. Red Committee Meeting Date. Yellow Committee Meeting Date. 22 uary . 4 February . 19 February . 3 ch. 18 ch . 7 April . 15 April . 5 . 20 . 2 e . 17 e . 7 y . 15 y . 4 ust . 19 ust . 1 . 16 . 6 ober . 21 ober . 3 ember . 18 ember . RPA Research E ics and Governance Office. Home. COVID-19 Response. REGIS. SLHD Research Support and Infrastructure Directory. 30 Apr 15 . 21 05 . 04 19 . 18 03 . 02 17 . 23 07 . 06 21 . 20 04 . Schedule V1 dated 2 ember . Peninsula Heal Human Research E ics Committee Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines Page 1 of 1 MEETING TIME 4.00pm – 5:30pm MEETING VENUE Frankston Hospital Boardroom MEETING DATES SUBMISSION DEADLINES Mon Date Day New Study Pre-Screen (Applicable to new studies only) Please refer to e fee schedule for details. Post approval. See e submission and meeting schedule (pdf) Appointment wi an E ics Officer. An e ics officer, usually e Human Research E ics manager, makes regular visits to Blacktown Clinical School, fortnightly on e first and ird Friday of each mon, starting Feb 3, . e - 2021 schedule of meetings for e E ics Committee and Scientific Safety Committee. e HREC application fee schedule. e membership of e CAHS HREC conforms to e requirements set out in e NHMRC National Statement on E ical Conduct in Human Research and includes e minimum of one ird of e members from outside e Heal Service. Submission and meeting dates for e Human Research E ics Committee . ere are eight (8) meetings of e Committee scheduled for . A limit of 5 applications per meeting applies: it is imperative at ose seeking to lodge an application for e ical review discuss eir application wi e Committee secretary, on 9096 5239 prior. ember - HREC meeting and submission schedule for . ember 15, . e last Human Research E ics Committee meeting for will be held on ursday 29 ember . e meeting dates have been published. to view e full meeting schedule. HREC/SASC Schedule of meetings Submissions close SASC Second Tuesday of each mon HREC First Tuesday of each mon 3 ember ember 4 February 4 February 11 February 3 ch 3 ch ch 7 April 7 April 14 April 5 5 12 2 e . WSLHD Submission and Meeting Dates Schedule (pdf) HREC Position Document for Researchers (pdf) WSLHD Human Research E ics Committee Terms of Reference .doc) WSLHD Human Research E ics Committee Standard Operating Procedures t . Applications are reviewed at meetings at are held every 8- weeks. To view e HREC meeting schedule, go to Justice Heal and Forensic Mental Heal Human Research E ics Committee (HREC). How will I be notified of e outcome? You will be notified of e HREC’s ision shortly after e meeting, wi two possible outcomes. G:\Research Manager\E ICS COMMITTEE\Application Information\Meeting Schedule\\HREC Meeting Schedule .docx Human Research E ics Committee H R E C M e e t i n g S c h e d u l e f o r 2 0 20 e Human Research E ics Committee meets once a mon as per dates below. Please refer to e HREC Website for submission information. However, o er research activity wi humans as participants come wi in e Human Research E ics Committee's (HREC) area. Guidance on e definitions of 'research' and 'what is human research?' is contained in e National Statement on E ical Conduct in . e last HREC meeting of will be on 19 ember , and e first meeting for will be on 2 uary. Bellberry hold eight regular HREC meetings per mon and meetings are held every Wednesday evening. All study documentation must be submitted via eProtocol 2 weeks prior to a meeting. We are able to hold extra meetings if and when required. End of Year Submission Closing Dates - SCHN HREC Type of Application Submission Closing Dates Early Phase Clinical Trials Please contact e Research E ics Office for information (SCHN-E [email protected]). Please do not submit a hard copy of e submission documents for FULL HREC Review – including HREC only indemnity. If e sponsor requires a wet ink signature on e HREC only indemnities you can submit in hard copy x 3 to: St Vincent’s Hospital Research Office Translational Research Centre, 97- 5 Boundary Street. Darlinghurst NSW 20. Human Research E ics Application (HREA) (opens in a new window) Project Description template (DOCX, 52.71 KB) (opens in a new window) Amendment Request form (DOCX, 56.58 KB) (opens in a new window) Clinical Trial form (DOCX, 52.7 KB) (opens in a new window) Exemption from Human E ics Review form (DOCX, 48.66 KB) (opens in a new window) Progress and Final Report form . e WNHS Human Research E ics Committee (HREC) meets on e first Tuesday of e mon, February to ember (ere is no meeting in uary). e date of e HREC meeting is e deadline for submission for consideration at e next meeting’s agenda. SASC assessment occurs 1 week after e submission deadline (see schedule, right). Complaints about e conduct of HREC members. If you have a complaint about e conduct of e Research Governance & E ics Officer or e Justice Heal & Forensic Mental Heal Network Human Research E ics Committee, you can contact e Research Governance & E ics Officer at any time via phone, email or post (details listed below). 24,  · LRH HREC Meeting Schedule Meeting dates for HREC MEETING: APPLICATION DEADLINE: ursday 7 February . ursday 24 uary . ursday 4 April . ursday 21 ch . ursday 6 e . ursday 23 . ursday 8 . NOTE: As of 14 April , all human e ics committees are working hard to keep to our normal schedule of review according to e submission dates below. Please note at priority will continue to be given to applications and variations at. Meeting Date. Meeting. Tuesday 14 uary. Friday 31 uary. Meeting 2. Tuesday 11 February. Friday 28 February. Meeting 3. Tuesday ch. Friday 27 ch. Meeting 4. Tuesday 7 April. Friday 24 April. Meeting 5. Tuesday 12 . Friday 29 . Meeting 6. Tuesday 9 e. Friday 26 e. Meeting 7. Tuesday 14 y. Friday 31 y. Meeting 8. HREC meeting, e meeting dates are below. If e HREC reviewers and/or e ics team determines at a project needs to be reviewed at a meeting, it be added to e agenda. In is case, researchers will be advised and be invited to attend e meeting. Meeting Date Close of Agenda 7 February . 24 uary . e AH&MRC Human Research E ics Committee (HREC) is fully constituted and registered under e National Heal and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), registration number EC00342. e HREC consists of volunteers who have diverse skills and experiences. NWU-HREC membership List Meetings Schedule Calender - NWU-HREC - New Applications: Ms Carolien van Zyl Senior Administrative Officer +27 18 299 1206 E [email protected] Building G16, Room 135, Potchefstroom NWU-HREC - In-Process Applications: Ms Jamey Henry Senior Administrative Officer +27 18 299 2197. Find a researcher or supervisor. UQ Researchers is a gateway to e research community at e University of Queensland. Search UQ Researchers. Meeting Dates /19. Home / Blog / Bellberry Community / Meeting Dates /19. e last HREC meeting of will be on 19 ember , and e first meeting for will be on 2 uary. From 2nd uary meetings will be held every Wednesday evening for e remainder of e year. Created Date: 08/25/ 16:39:00 Title: Research checklist - HREC applications Subject: Research checklist - HREC applications Keywords: research checklist hrec checklist hrec clinical research research human research e ics Last modified by: Sue Jenkins- sh. Using REGIS during a HREC meeting. Step Step 1 Log in to REGIS and search for e meeting by clicking on e start icon in e top left-hand corner. is icon will present you wi tiles to Step 2 Select e ‘Meetings’tile Step 3 Click on e next ‘Meetings’ tile at appears. is tile allows you to search, schedule and check your. NHMRC of e HREC’s existence and provides a signed laration at e HREC will comply wi e National Statement on E ical Conduct in Human Research, 2007 (National Statement) and any.

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